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As it happens gradually over time you may find yourself one day looking in the mirror wondering how your teeth looked closer to a dull yellow than pearly white.
There are both internal and external causes of yellow teeth. Some causes such as genetic disposition and the natural aging process can’t be avoided. There are however many common food and beverages that affect the colour of your teeth. Despite being harder than bone, enamel is very porous so consider your teeth the same way you might your marble kitchen counter top and how certain foods and drinks would leave a nasty stain if spilt.
Tannins contained in some foods can cause the colour pigments in food to adhere more to the tooth enamel, however many foods that are high in tannins are also high in anti-oxidants therefore great for overall health, therefore not necessarily foods you want to avoid!


1.Tea & Coffee


Tea & Coffee are one of the top causes of stained teeth, not only because of their dark colour and tannins, but also because they are generally drank daily and at a high temperature which will also make teeth more porous.

2.Red Wine


Most people will have heard of the anti-oxidant properties of red wine that can in fact assist with gum disease, however as a result of the tannins and the rich red colouring red wine will stain teeth enamel.



Anyone who loves a good curry has probably seen what your leftovers do to your Tupperware, unfortunately the strong yellow or red pigment also has the same effect on your teeth.




Blueberries, cherries, blackberries and raspberries are packed with anti-oxidants but the rich colour in their skin that also contributes to their anti-oxidant properties, causes teeth to stain.




Beetroot has always been a popular addition to the Australian barbie or burger, but in recent times beetroot has had a surge in popularity from all regions as a popular ingredient for juices. There is no doubt about the nutritional benefit of this earthy favourite but in its concentrated juice form it becomes a major tooth staining culprit.
For those who don’t want to avoid the nutritional benefits of any of the above foods our White Box Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening System  uses safe, LED technology to effectively whiten teeth in the comfort of your own home!

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